Web resources for African languages

For a few years now, I have been maintaining a set of web pages collecting links to web accessible materials on African languages, the WebAL. Since I keep track of stuff like that for my own benefit, it has been little additional trouble transforming data that to a web format useful also to others.

However, I feel I’ve done what I can with it, and as much as it pains me, I can’t quite devote the time it deserves anymore. The web accessible material on African languages keeps growing almost by the day, and it would be benefitial to many people if something like the WebAL pages could continue to exist.

Thus I’m now looking for someone who might be willing to take over the maintenance of WebAL — and do whatever they want with it. I’m sure my archaic HTML tagging needs updating, if nothing else.

Drop me a mail if you’re interested, or know of someone who might be. (And just to clarify, I’m interested only in serious proposals. For instance, a move to a university site, or similar, would be preferable.)

How to play with your food

Are you one of those parents that keep telling their kids not to play with their food? You might want to rethink that.

Over at YouTube, Mr Heita3 would much rather play with his food than eat it. In fact, he does it very well. He builds musical instruments out of vegetables such as broccoli, carots, cucumber, paprika, radish, cabbage, and more, even mushrooms and eggs.

C’mon, you play with your food, too. You know you want to.