Superheroes aren’t what they used to be

According to The Connexion:

A MAN dressed as Superman has died after falling from a fourth-floor balcony in Paris …

Meanwhile, France’s ‘Spider-man’ Alain Robert has been arrested in Sydney after climbing the 151m Lumiere Building.

And according to the National Post, earlier this year:

Man dressed as Captain America arrested with burrito, joint in his pants

Is that a burrito in your pants or are you just happy to see me? The answer was both for one Florida man who was arrested after asking women at a bar to touch a burrito that was stuffed down the pants of his Captain America costume.

Doctor Raymond Adamcik, a 54-year-old family physician, was dressed as the comic book superhero while he partied with other medical professionals on a costumed pub crawl. At one bar, Adamcik asked women if they wanted to touch a burrito that he had tucked into the waistband of his blue tights. When one woman refused, he groped her …

Out of the superhero lineup, the woman fingered Adamcik…

Now that’s a lineup I’d like to have seen.